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Harness the power of symmetry in art to teach math. This Art-Rithmetic lesson plan book offers teachers an innovative approach to teaching.




From crayons to computers, this is a collection of multimedia art projects inspired by great masterpieces of art and literature. Easily a two year curriculum of exciting art lessons, it will introduce children to the world’s great artists. Da Vinci, Van Gogh and other great masters down through the ages promote a deep and abiding love of art.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the easiest way to learn about art is to look at it. Here, great masterpieces illustrate the art concepts that we use to understand and value art. Coming soon!



The mathematical concept of pattern is taught through engaging art activities.




Fasten your seatbelts! Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Cross oceans, climb mountains, do time travel, fly, all through the magic of the artistic imagination. Award winning art educator Susan Striker shares a rich curriculum of exciting children’s art projects that teach history and culture while allowing for personal expression and creativity.


In Oaxaca, Mexico, carved wooden animals might have purple feet, flowers on their faces and polka dot backs. This alphabet book is a collection of musuem quality sculptures that are so colorful and child-like that they delight youngsters of all ages. It is a glorious introduction to Mexican folk art. (available September 2012)


Exhilarating activities are used to teach the mathematical concept of line. Linear art activities help teach math to visual learners.




The Kuna Indians isolated and primitive until mid century, have added modern symbols to their traditional designs. Any child fascinated with transportation, will find everything from rickshaws to rocket ships in this museum quality collection of Molas on the Move. Coming soon!



A visually stunning alphabet book that introduces children to the world’s wildlife through recently discovered masterpieces by the Kuna Indians of Panama. Colorful reverse applique and detailed emboidery teach visual discrimination and fascinate both children and adults.


An exciting and innovative new series of books by best-selling author


My new book came out!

M is for Mola ,
A Kuna Indian Alphabet of Quilted Folk Art
I hope that you like it.
Please tell your art-loving friends